POLYDURE® is our best straight polyester paint system that serves a variety of different markets such as garage and entry doors to laundry and HVAC uses. The specifications may vary with the differing markets, but the versatility of the proprietary core polyester allows our chemists to produce very strong products that satisfy those specifications.

POLYDURE® has been formulated for interior use as well. Depending on the substrate and end use market, a limited number of primer systems may be recommended, with some end uses not requiring primer.

  • Some of the fine features that POLYDURE® provides are:
  • Smooth, fast application
  • Excellent roll-forming
  • Batch-to-batch product consistency
  • Proven pigmentation for color retention and film durability
  • Excellent gloss
  • Extensive color selection

GENERAL METALS uses for this quality, competitively priced system include print-coats, office furniture and fixtures, vertical-only building product applications and lighting fixtures.

Another major market this flexible technology serves is HVAC. It is superior for exterior wrappers for home and commercial air heating or cooling equipment.

Yet another application for POLYDURE® is HOME LAUNDRY. When formulated for the rigors of this end use, POLYDURE® is an excellent choice for exterior wrappers and interior parts for home laundry and kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers.

Other related home applications are in the RANGE market. Facing different specifications, Our chemists have created the proper formulations using the base polyester and urethane resin technologies to satisfy and exceed these requirements. Product end uses include interior and exterior wrappers and components for stoves, ranges and cookers.