Resin is a high molecular polymer aggregated by organic monomers. In addition to their difference in chemical stability, different varieties of resin are different from one another in resistance to ultraviolet radiation, moisture and heat, industrial pollution and other harsh weather conditions with regards their aging and erosion rate. Resin used for construction coil coatings can be categorized into three groups by chemical types.

Polyester resin
Owing to diversity of monomer options, the durability ranges are extremely wide. The low cost polyester resin is only durable for outdoor application for no more than five years. The excellent polyester resin, noted for outstanding durability, is suitable for use for at least fifteen years.

Silicone Modified Polyester
Silicone Modified Polyester is made by adding a dose of silicone resin into polyester resin. Owing to the diversity of polyester resin monomer, the varieties, synthetic process and contents of silicone modified polyester vary, therefore the durability of such resins vary extensively.
Some varieties are fairly similar to ordinary polyester in durability life, but some others have outstanding durability with expected lifespan of up to 20 years.

Fluorocarbon coating
Usually called 70% PVDF coating, namely polyvinylidene fluoride, in the industry, the coil coating is a type of resin noted for an extremely stable chemical structure, with relatively homogeneous varieties. The paint film is prominently resistant to weather conditions and chemicals, with superb capabilities in color and gloss retention when used together with durable pigment