Working towards a better future

As we strive to overcome the challenges of transitioning to Bisphenol Free cans, see our new whitepaper on how we’re shaping change together.


We are a world leading supplier of coatings and inks for the protection and decoration of beverage, food, aerosol and general line cans, metal closures and collapsible tubes. We supply both global and customized technologies to meet your needs wherever your business is located. We turn our customers’ visions into reality.

At AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings, we rely on our extensive experience in the food contact and beverage markets to minimize the exposure of risk to our customers, and the brands as new technologies and processes are introduced to market. We pursue excellent performance through extensive testing and benchmarking around the world. As a result of our research and development drive, AkzoNobel offers the metal packaging industry top quality specialist and mainstream products, ensuring that we can always provide the best technology solutions to match all your performance needs from a single supplier.

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