Soda can confidence

Packaging coatings that say it all

Enjoy the confidence that comes with solid reliability, efficiency and productivity. With AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings, you get them all – and with fewer MOCs.  


Come to AkzoNobel for your packaging coatings and we’ll promise you a partnership tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

Your company is unique. Your production lines have their own individual needs, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

So, let’s start with what you’re trying to achieve. Are you equipped to get there or is something holding you back? What are your priorities? What are your challenges?

It’s only by asking questions like these that we can understand how you operate. Then, working side by side, we’ll bring you proven and reliable solutions and innovations that work, integrating them seamlessly into your business with as little disruption as possible.

As the world’s leading supplier of coatings and inks for the protection and decoration of beverage, food, aerosol and general line cans, metal closures and collapsible tubes, we have the necessary experience and expertise.

Whether it's introducing new coatings to meet the demands of regulation, maximising line efficiency or taking your products to the next level to meet the changing needs of your customers, we're here to work with you every step of the way.

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