Securshield 500

Challenging times call for powerful performers

Bring it on, with SecurshieldTM 500 Series: a next-generation internal coating for easy open ends that’s PVC and Bisphenol free (BPXni), ready to meet current and future regulatory standards – and offer a more sustainable and significantly improved performance.

SecurshieldTM 500 Series is a PVC and Bisphenol free (BPXni) internal coating for easy open ends to meet current and future regulatory standards and offer a sustainable and significantly improved performance compared to current organosol-based alternatives.

  • Available in either an aluminum or gold sizecoat with a gold topcoat, SecurshieldTM 500 Series integrates seamlessly into existing manufacturing processes.
  • It can be applied with rollers, optimizing line efficiency even on tandem lines and chrome free substrates. It is suitable for most food types due to improved chemical resistance to corrosion from salty or acidic preserved foods such as vegetables, fish, or fruit.
  • SecurshieldTM 500 Series allows food packaging manufacturers to produce premium easy open-end products in a wide variety of metal packaging types for their customers reducing complexity and production costs while increasing productivity.


AkzoNobel has committed to a future without the use of Bisphenols to protect metal packaging, and set out clear intentions to launch new products substantially free from materials of concern (MOCs). By developing SecurshieldTM 500 Series which is not only BPXni but also PVC-free, AkzoNobel is providing a high performing coating which protects food can manufacturers from the ever changing regulatory landscape for food packaging.

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