Be prepared for whatever’s coming your way.

When regulations change and everyone’s trying to source BPA-ni coatings for the inside of their can lids, how will you keep your line running? 

The answer is Accelshield 700, the new coating from AkzoNobel. 

Stamp shield with grid pattern

Accelshield™ 700

Accelshield™ 700 is a next generation beverage end internal coating technology based on a blend of specialty solvent-based polyesters, free of styrene and BPX-ni (no intentionally added bisphenols of any type) which can be easily integrated within your existing manufacturing processes to meet both current and future regulations. 

Accelshield™ 700 forms part of a total BPX-ni internal and external system offer and is a more sustainable solution with reduced materials of concern to ensure compliance to current and future regulations. 

Accelshield™ 700 is suitable for a wide range of drink types with good retort performance allowing for reduced complexity on the line with minimal changeovers. Application & end conversion performance is similar to epoxy.  Excellent high-speed application at the coil coater & mobility in can plants and filling line.

Don’t get caught out by new regulations.

Keep your line running with Accelshield 700, the new BPA-ni coating for inside can lids.

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