Coatings for the food 3 piece cans

Coatings for 3 Piece Food Cans

A high barrier performance and sulfur resistant platform

Our coatings for the internal protection of food 3 piece cans demonstrate strong technical performance, chemical resistance beyond to current epoxy coatings, less materials of concern and fully EU and FDA compliant.

The new internal coating for 3-piece food cans from AkzoNobel combines key features to win the customer and lead the market: excellent barrier performance, strong sulfur resistance and sustainability delivering a global platform which meets regional requirements across all geographical areas.

It provides a solution with barrier performance against acidic and sulphuretic packs better than all epoxy phenolic standard technologies while eliminating all materials of concern. At the same time it provides our customers a stronger platform in terms of chemical resistance for many types of food which can be used in multiple regions across the globe. Vitalure G2™ 10 can be also applied at maximum speed lines (7000s/h) and same film weight with even higher solids than epoxy phenolics.

Depending on food types, the product is designed to be applied with 1 or 2 coat systems at a low film weight with excellent powder side stripe adhesion


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