Food can coatings

Food Can Coatings / Can Coating Spray

Coatings for internal protection of food cans and ends

Vitalure® food can coatings are a key element in maintaining the flavor, texture and appearance of canned foods by performing the dual role of protecting the filling from the metal and the metal from the filling.

Vitalure® products for food cans achieve this by providing the ultimate in product resistance, flexibility and adhesion. These properties allow a diverse range of foods, from acidic fruits and soups to meat and vegetables, to be canned with complete confidence.

Our BPANI coatings for the internal protection of food 3 piece cans demonstrate strong technical performance, chemical resistance beyond to current epoxy coatings, less materials of concern and fully EU and FDA compliant. It provides a solution with barrier performance against acidic and sulphuretic packs better than all epoxy phenolic standard technologies while eliminating all materials of concern. At the same time it provides our customers a stronger platform in terms of chemical resistance for many types of food which can be used in multiple regions across the globe. Vitalure G2™ 10 can be also applied at maximum speed lines (7000s/h) and same film weight with even higher solids than epoxy phenolics. 

VitalureG1 40 and 41 range of solvent-borne coatings have been formulated for use on the internal side of Tin Free Steel (TFS) and Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) for Food Easy Open Ends. After many years of development, our highly skilled chemists have been able to develop 2 different systems which can cover any kind of food from acidic to sulphuretic packs. The Vitalure G1 40 and 41 coatings are largely used by the world's largest Easy open Ends producers and have a proven track record in terms of technical robustness and shelf life.


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