Epoxy coating for beverage can

Bpani Internal Can Coatings

Aqualure G1 50 is a waterborne BPA-NI Internal Spray Liner that delivers market leading application performance, allowing customers to transition smoothly to and from epoxy based lacquers while meeting performance requirements and complying with local legislation.

Aqualure G1 50 has been developed to meet the ever evolving BPA-NI needs of both

consumers and legislation. Aqualure G1 50 has all the necessary regulatory approvals

needed to permit it to be used anywhere in the world. The product range has already been qualified by an extensive list of global and regional brand owners.

AkzoNobel’s global footprint enables our customers to benefit from a local product availability that is backed up by our industry leading Technical Support Service.

Aqualure G1 50 really is the optimal product for can makers' BPA-NI conversions.

California Proposition 65: Aqualure G1 50 have established that styrene is non-detectable at FDA estimated daily intake (EDI) levels below the proposed Prop

65 NSRL. The assessments include AkzoNobel and external test lab migration data coupled with dietary intake calculations.

Key Features:

  • BPA Non-Intentionaly Added (BPA-NI) inside spray coating for aluminium beverage cans

  • Non-detectable1/2 limits of styrene

  • Suitable for all drink types (Water, Juice, CSD, Beer, Energy, & Hard to Hold)

On the can making line:

  • Provides brand owners and can makers the ability to supply beverage cans to markets that restrict the use of Bisphenol A (BPA).

  • Qualified by an extensive list of global and regional brand owners.

  • All Aqualure G1 50 branded products have the same dry film. The ‘one dry film’ approach simplifies global brand qualifications, by reducing time and costs, enabling the rapid roll out of the coating across the world.

  • Local production availability in each global region.

  • Plug and Spray: No set-up time needed to convert from epoxy to BPANI, enabling can makers to make more cans, more of the time.

  • Superior mobility in can plants and filling lines vs our nearest competitor.

Download brochure: Aqualure G150


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