Exterior coatings for steel cans

External Coatings for Steel Cans

Significant increases in shelf presence can be easily achieved through

Vitalac™ 820's extensive colour range provides the world's most recognized beverage brands with an ideal brand differentiation endorsement tool. Vitalac™ 820 coloured ends and tabs provide brands the ability to increase their product's shelf presence at the point of sale in a highly competitive retail market.

The Vitalac™ 820 range of solvent borne coatings have been formulated for use on the external (public) side of aluminium beer and beverage ends. For more than 20 years our highly skilled chemists have been optimizing and expanding the Vitalac™

820 portfolio to provide the very best in product performance. The Vitalac™ 820 range includes an extensive range of clear and coloured coatings. Each coating has been created to meet a specific customer need, yet always providing the best in coating line and shell/ends press performance.


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