The perfect inks for printing on steel cans without OPV

Through our research and development effort we continue to innovate in ink development recognizing that metal decorating technology plays a key role in influencing the ultimate end user appeal.

Our NovaPac inks are designed for application to base coated steel where there is no over print varnish used. Inks have very consistent press performance across a wide window of operating conditions, excellent abrasion resistance for long distance transportation as well as lowest film weights offering outstanding mileage.

NovaPac inks can be used for aluminum cans with special OPV Aq 186 to achieve tactile effect. Our inks meet the food regulatory requirements including EuPIA Guideline on Printing, European Directive 94/62/EC, US CONEG Regulations,  European Directive 2002/95/, Bis-Phenol A, NIA (BPANI), Silicone Free, PVC and NIA.

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